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Character Submissions

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PostPosted: Sat Nov 23, 2013 11:31 pm    Post subject: Character Submissions  Reply with quote

Here is were you guys can give me your character profiles remember the dark lords award detail :p
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 12:36 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

++Dark Gods stamp of Approval++  

Name - Captain Xinziz Knightslayer of clan Moon Riders

species – the Kalashin – a race about 450 years ago had just invented Hyper-warp drives, a way of allowing them to warp space around and in a sense shoot the ship forward at FTL speeds, everything was well and then they meet the Empire of Man. Instead of total destruction they willingly become part of it, beside for the clans, the clans being the most of the military might of Kalashin, didn't want to be enslaved has they see it, some fought and die at the battle of Voids screams, where the  Kalashin government attack the clan to appease the empire, the rest left using the Hyper-warp drives to escape, there at 8 of the 20 clans left.
The females race physical they have inverse legs make them run faster and jump higher and are thin but short about 5'3, with a tail for balance, mentally their mind are able to process information a lot quicker, where has the males are big strong and dumb. They live up to 150 years old naturally.
Physic power – unlike most races that have their only physic ability to absorb energy around that like the warp the waaagh! and others thing and make it flow around they body and reuse it has they will, this takes a lot of skill one wrong move can kill the user. People who use it are call Jintoro masters and are repected greatly.

Age 47

description Xinziz stands 5'4 black hair with blue eyes, mainly wears clothes that bend into the background and a hood

Allegiance Moon Riders

Jintoro master
Faster and jumps higher
master sniper
ok at close combat
able to dodge well if there cover of some sort
and jury rigger

Ship the Moon's Dagger, a stole scout ship of the empire, quick heavy gun, but lightly armour and small, made for hit and run and long scouting missions. It has 30 crew 10  Kalashin and 20 humans (has they hate the empire not humans themselves)
VK-34 'scarp' rifle, the rifle is well made looking like a anti tank rifle, but the shells are hand made and sometimes fail if made wrong or quickly, it a three stage shell, coats the shell in plasma to weak the armour of the wearer, then a AP-HE shell lunches a metal slug in the now 'holy' armour.
Power sword
Flak armour
Reactive shields – burns though energy cell it hit in coming fire and even sword swings with force of kinetic energy.

back story – born into the Moon Riders, she was teach the ways of her people and their hate for the ones that force them from their world, at a early age she found that she was skill in the ways of Jintoro and was brought above her station to learn from the ships captain, who teach her also in the ways of leadership and killing, killing the enemies of the clan is great culture meaning to the clans, which believe the more you kill the more you are rewarded in the afterlife or in this one, but also understand to wait to strike.
When she 43, she first many people of the empire, when their ship crash landed, mainly by run between the ruins of the battlefield this world had become, give time to allow time to escape but kill a Space Marine but leading him into a trap and kill with a VK-34 'scarp' rifle, which broke the moral of the near guardsmen.
Afterwards was giving a small scout ship and hear the rumours of carrions trail, heading there to find if it can be a new home for the Clans
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PostPosted: Sun Dec 01, 2013 1:16 am    Post subject: Saim of the Dying Sun and Fallen Moon Reply with quote

Name: Saim of the Dying Sun and Fallen Moon

Race : Dark Eldar

Age: 10,000 terrain years

Profession: Hekatrix (Bloodbrides)

Description:  Saim of course being a Dark Eldar her body will be slender, curved and longer compared to a human body. Her complexion will be flawless as her death -like tone would make her beautifully paler then a human. Saim has vary of tattoos located under her left eye and left arm. She  would have very soft wild crimson hair that flow down but before battle but  she would place it up into typical Dark Eldar ponytail for efficient combat and last of all she has striking emerald eyes to match her long locks of hair.

Personality:  As a Dark Eldar,Saim very invest into the pain and suffering of others. She can't help but to love dance of battle but outside battle she is miserable at less someone near her is entertaining her with their pain or misfortune or they plain stupidity makes her laugh in some what pity as they tried hold conversation with her. Saim also very serious and tactical when she needs to be , if it helps her team and leads goal of her succeeding she will ultimately try do it , she loves winning good battle.

Equipment :

Splinter Pistol - attached are vary of poisons.

She wears a typical wychsuit ,which has armour that protects her right side which is her right shoulder, arm and all of her right leg till her boots. Her boots each have daggers up the back of them for deadly close combat. Her wychsuit is bodyglove which covers her chest, back and sides then connects to long flailing skirt which split up to her waist for allowing her legs to move freely in combat. She has essential dark elder markings on her top and belt with some chains around her hip.

Heighten Speed
Heighten Senses
Skilled in close combat
Skilled in the art of combat with a Razorflail
1.5x stronger than a human

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