Archive for role-play for any who are interested in some friendly fun

The Rules
Here is just a few sets of rules to consider
Charector Creation
A general overview of how to generate characters for this game
Game Suggestions
here is where to post for ideas of games you would like to be run and for budding gamers to take on the role of the game master for games they like the sound of
Site Suggestions
here post any ideas you have for improving the site whether it be a new forum or even design
The Games
Ripsaw's Games
Games run by Ripsaw184
Sircookieman's Castle
Games run by the Sir Cookieman
Jokersan's Funhouse
Games run by Jokersan
The Darkworld Files
By day all is well but by night the shroud falls upon the city of NewHope and all is not as it seems
Space Cowboys
it'll be light hearten game with a couple dark bits mainly you'll be on the edge of civilize space trying to live there will be blasters cyborgs and aliens want more can you want
40K The Black Crusade
lets all make bumps in the night ;p
Deathbygloves' dungeon
muahahahaha, dance my puppets, dance!!
Suerhero Academy
A fun casual game of superheroes in the superhero academy
a zombie survival game, can you be the one to rebuild humanity? or will you die trying
General Discussions
I.C general chat
here is for general chats between characters after adventures and the like
O.O.C general chat
for the stuff that doesn't belong I.C
HEY YOU GUYS!! introductions and chit chat
a chance to introduce yourself and chat
The Bar at the End of the Universe
a place to drink and chat I.C and no worries, no matter where you are from, all may mingle here
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